When will I hear from my teacher? 

    • Teachers will begin contacting families in late August and early September. If you haven’t heard from your teacher the first week of please check in with the office. 

What does my day and week look like in DL? 

    • Every student and family is unique. Some families are up and ready to learn in the early hours of the day while others like to take their time and ease into their learning. There is no prescribed combination as to when students do their lessons or how long it takes them to complete their lessons. We encourage families to come up with a schedule that works for their families needs. The main focus is for students to remain engaged and active in their courses.

If we qualify for special education services, who sources professionals and when will they begin? 

    • The Kleos Service Provider Coordinator and the school based team work hard to find professionals to support students who qualify for special education services. Once individual service providers have been found, we interview each candidate to determine qualifications and fit. Each new service provider must also complete a criminal record check through the Ministry of Justice as per the Ministry of Education. While we work hard to streamline this process, it’s not unusual for their to be a slight delay in clearing new service providers, especially in September when all schools are lining up services. Services can not commence until we have confirmation of the CRC being clear.

What are my responsibilities as a parent in my child’s learning process?

  • As the parent in a home learning scenario your role is that of facilitator,  making sure the stage is set for your child to reach their highest potential, no matter what their personalized program goals are. Parents are actively engaged in the learning process by creating a schedule in collaboartion with the teacher, communicating with teachers at weekly check-ins via email, phone, or web conference, and taking learning off the page. For younger students who are less independent, your role may be more hands on, for older students typically parents are there to support and guide-on-the-side as students move toward more independent learning.  

What supplies, resources, and technology am I responsible for to maintain an educational program at home?

  • Typically, home learning families supply similar resources and materials that they would should their child be attending a brick and mortar school.  Paper, pens, art supplies, and any other consumable and non-curricular resources are the family’s responsibility. In a DL setting, families are additionally responsible to provide technology (computer, tablet, scanner, printer etc) and access to the internet. 

Who do I contact if I have concerns about my child’s programming? 

  • Your teacher is always your best first point of contact if you have questions, concerns, or ideas. We want to hear from you and celebrate successes with you! We also need to hear what isn’t working for you so that we can adjust, tweak or change whatever we can to customize your child’s program to them. At Kleos we truly believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all education.