K - 12 Program

Kleos Open Learning has developed a comprehensive program that helps students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.


Special Education

Kleos is a leader in special education in BC - its in our DNA.  The founding board of our school were driven by the mantra, "we can do better." 


School Guided Learning

Working with our curriculum and guidance your family gets to focus on each other without the stress that can occur in traditional education.


How Our Curriculum is Delivered

Kleos Open Learning means that your children get their lessons, education and support using every form of communication available in our modern world.


Kleos believes that everyone has unique potential.

Kleos Open Learning is recognized by clients as a teacher directed program that is successful in taking the extra work off of parents. They create peace of mind for parents and reduce isolation of the student and ultimately the family.

Kleos teaches by addressing needs and building a strong relationship with the parents. Kleos makes honest communication a priority.


Let’s Start the Conversation

You’ve got this.

You are searching for the best place for your child/children to receive their education. It can be a huge task and involves research and relationship. Let us help you. It all starts with a conversation.