Who We Are

Relate. Communicate. Educate.


“Kleos Open Learning fosters communication and trusted relationship to build a student’s self-worth and self-esteem so that they and their family have clarity for a positive future.”


Kleos Open Learning is a Group 1 Independent Distributed Learning School that is fully certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. As a leader in personalized learning and special education, we develop quality academic programs for students in grades K-12.  

We believe each student is one-of-a kind, not one of many. This core belief shapes our learning community and philosophy of education.  

Kleos Open Learning has had the privilege of providing education since 2004. In 2010 we created a strong focus on supporting families with students who have unique and special learning needs.  

If your child needs education beyond the classroom, Kleos Open Learning might be the right fit. It all starts with a conversation.

Kleos Open Learning knows that family is the strength of our community
and that together we can find the unique potential of all.


Michelle Hussey
Executive Director,
Kleos Open Learning