K - 12 Program

Full support from Kindergarten to Grade 12. We guide the process.


K - Grade 9

Grades K-9 students enjoy learning programs that focus on learning foundation skills, while giving opportunity to explore their areas of interest. Ministry of Education learning outcomes are met in creative and engaging ways to make learning interesting for each student. With Distributed Learning, the world becomes a classroom - a living curriculum. Activities and assignments are designed to help students make real-world connections to the material they are learning, so they become life-long learners.

Grades 10 - 12

Grades 10-12 students participate in online courses designed to help them develop 21st century skills that will serve them now and in the future. Courses can be adapted or modified depending on a student's needs and post-secondary plans. Our high school guidance team works with students to determine what courses will best meet their academic needs and help them accomplish their post-secondary goals.