Welcome to Kleos

To families, Kleos (pronounced: Clay-Oss) Open Learning is the one digitally distributed learning school where education begins with relationship.

The word Kleos comes from the Ancient Greek word meaning: “What others hear about you.” As in, a Greek hero earns kleos through accomplishing great deeds.

Kleos Open Learning is for those students who would thrive in a non-traditional educational environment.

We deliver and guide our students through digital interactions and education in a combination of Telephone, Video, Email, and Virtual Classroom, with one-to-one services (upon qualified approval).

Please contact us for more info.

Some fees apply.


Kleos Open Learning has developed a comprehensive program that helps students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Kleos is a leader in special education in BC - its in our DNA.  The founding board of our school were driven by the mantra, "we can do better." 


Working with our curriculum and guidance your family gets to focus on each other without the stress that can occur in traditional education.

Kleos Open Learning means that your children get their lessons, education and support using every form of communication technology available.